Call for ETHBerlin04 Experiences Hosts

Call for ETHBerlin04 Experiences Hosts
ETHBerlin³ featured many experiences who helped make it the extravaganza we know and love

Help shape the ETHBerlin hacker extravaganza by hosting an on-site experience!

Applications for experiences are closed since March 15. Thank you all for handing in exciting proposals!

ETHBerlin is a hackathon first but not a hackathon only. We've always had different experiences for our hackers to enjoy during the weekend. These experiences are not only hosted and organized by us, the Department of Decentralization, but also by our friends and conspirators.

An ETHBerlin experience can be hosted by any community, initiative, interest group, collective, or project.

Experiences are dedicated spaces and areas at the ETHBerlin venue, which selected groups are able to (to a certain degree) shape on their own.

For example, in the past we've had experiences like:

  • Art exhibitions and audio visual installations (e.g. "Merkle Root" curated by Stina Gustafsson and María Paula Fernández and "Crypto Winter" by Zan Lyons and Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot))
  • Escape games and treasure hunts
  • Wellness and relaxation areas (e.g. "Mind Spa" by Rawciousness and "Zen Den" by Joy Space)
  • Screenprinting popup (with cypherpunknow)
  • Curated cypherpunk cinema program
  • Chess club
  • ...and more!

This year, again, we are reaching out to our community to support us make ETHBerlin more quirky, colorful, exciting and educational by contributing unique experiences to our program!

General Guidelines

Hosting an experience comes with a lot of fun and opportunities, but also with responsibilities:

  • First and foremost, hosting an experience means organizing, paying for* and being in charge of the respective experience (within boundaries of what is possible predefined by the ETHBerlin team)
  • We don't want to create ghost town areas or waste our precious and scarce event space, so if you own an experience, show up! (Experiences must be overseen by the organisers for the main opening hours of the hackathon, unless discussed otherwise)
  • Experiences should offer a clear benefit for the ETHBerlin hackers and should be accessible 100% to all participants (no gate keeping!)

More generally, we'd like experience hosts to consider the following impulses:

💗 Don't ask whether devs can do something - ask what you can do for the devs.
🪷 If you were a hacker, would you find your experience interesting, helpful, fun, inspiring or relevant?

There will be roughly 5-10 areas available, depending on the space needs and size of the accepted initiatives. Each accepted experience will receive up to 5 ETHBerlin tickets for the experience facilitators and organisers.

Application Requirements & Rules

To apply for a space, please reach out to us via and ideally provide the following information:

  • Short description of your experience idea
  • Outline what you will offer to the ETHBerlin hackers; how you will make best use of the space
  • List of dedicated people that will organise, oversee and be responsible for the experience
  • Outline of a preferred space and if you need any building-dependent equipment

The ETHBerlin team will work with you to make the most of your experience and most of it is flexible. So get creative.

There are only a few simple rules that all experiences have to follow:

  • Marketing-free, no shilling of specific tokens or projects.
  • No bullshit.
  • Tech-focused, community-focused, hacker-centric.
  • No talks, no workshops, no bounties - the experiences are complementary to the ETHBerlin program.

Host Perks & Misc ✨

  1. As an experience host, you become part of the ETHBerlin family and will surely have a really fun weekend (ask any of our previous experience hosts!).
  2. Furthermore, we will try a new concept this year: Introducing... the gift shop! The gift shop will be the only location on the venue where swag and stickers will be distributed. As an experience host, you can add a limited amount of swag for distribution to that gift shop!
  3. You get to get in touch with all of our hackers and make many new inspiring connections.
  4. You'll receive up to 5 ETHBerlin tickets for the experience facilitators & hosts.


I don't have any ideas - what kind of experiences could I host?

The world is your oyster and we're happy to discuss all kinds of crazy and creative ideas with you! To get started, here are a few options in which direction it could go...

  • Host a hacker bar with drinks and more
  • Organize a wellness area with nice things for hackers (sound bath, massages, yoga, music, good vibes, you name it)
  • Curate a program for our cinema
  • Create game nights or treasure hunts for our hackers
  • Do something something with art and inspire the audience!
  • Everybody loves music... maybe an ETHBerlin radio station?
  • You want to educate and have a topic that's important and dear to your heart? Let's hear it!

I want to support ETHBerlin, but don't want to host an experience.

No problem! Other ways to support us are to volunteer, mentor, or spread the word about ETHBerlin!

Can I be a sponsor for ETHBerlin04?

This year we have the unique opportunity to produce ETHBerlin without sponsors - thanks to a big allocation in the Optimism RPGF Round. You can read more about that here.

*unless agreed differently with the ETHBerlin team