The Department of Decentralization takes over CogX

The romance between Fabric VC (the people behind Web 3.0 Track at CogX) and DoD began a long time ago: one way or another, we’ve always…

The Department of Decentralization takes over the Fabric Web 3.0 state at CogX

The romance between Fabric VC (the people behind Web 3.0 Track at CogX) and DoD began a long time ago: one way or another, we’ve always been synched with this great team, and last year Fabric absolutely (however, not accidentally) killed it when they came to us with a proposal. The proposal was to throw the ETHBerlin 2018 closing party. And they nailed it.

Of course, when they reached out to see what we could do together for their event at CogX, it was a no brainer to help out, and bring the latest from DoD to London. Fabric Web 3.0 Track at CogX is their annual flagship event, dedicated to bringing the European ecosystem to London, and surfacing all the activity of local magicians across London and the UK.

We are also very excited to see all our friends there (because seriously, if you check out the projects participating and the speakers — well, those are basically all our friends :) )

Now, what the hell will we do there? Shill Berlin, of course, and everything that’s coming for the web 3.0 ecosystem. Listening to the talks from incredible people that this team has managed to gather in one place, enjoy a bit of London, and present our most recent production: a paper.

Yes, a paper! We will present our studies on the intersection of blockchain + art, experimentation, licensing, NFTs and memes that will be published soon in the form of a paper called “There’s No Such Thing As Blockchain Art”. As you may know, during our last conference, Görlicon, we hosted a massive discussion on Blockchain + Art with the provocative title, we got technologists, meme connoisseurs, curators, podcasters, street artists, and others to talk about their views on the power of the web 3 technologies inspiring (and powering!) art pieces.

Later on, we embarked on the not so very exciting task of researching, and shortly, we will present our findings in a paper: the good, the bad, the ugly, the experimental and the “why do you need a blockchain here” of the art world.

For CogX we decided to continue along our playful and provocative line — we believe in provocation as a means to spark discussion and discovery, as the basis of the web 3.0 technologies, and the core of the stage that CogX has prepared for our industry. Together with researchers and artists, we will be looking at both the physical and digital art pieces that are inspired or powered by decentralized technologies, discussing the future of creation in the new technological landscape, and what’s more, we’ll play a game. We’ll bring some cards with us with different artists, and make our panelists re-conceptualize them by… putting them on the blockchain! What if Matisse was into coding? Would he store the formula for the iconic blue of his nude paintings in a fully homomorphic encrypted smart contract to preserve the secret? Would he allow the digital reproduction of his masterpiece The Dance alongside an ERC-721 token to register their scarcity? Would he be offended if someone added a Rarepepe to his works and sold them on

Well, to find out you will need to come to CogX! And the organizers gave us a discount for our friends.

CALL for developers, hackers, and researchers: this year, Fabric is also launching their talent network, connecting talented humans with all the awesome teams building Web 3.0 (quite simply, Human Fabric). If you are building or researching an area that will help advance Web 3.0 — apply here, and get a chance to receive a free ticket, introductions to relevant teams, and potentially grants / funding.